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Carl Sagan : A Candle In The Dark




Carl Sagan wrote, “The Demon Haunted World” in 1995, twenty two years ago which is where the excerpt above originates. He lived and experienced the same world we all do, but with more education, awareness,  skepticism, and astonishing insight. He saw  the trends that seemed to be emerging in American culture and commented on them frequently in the media articulating  both concerns and potential consequences related to the haphazard way we conduct ourselves which could undermine our species, the planet, our way of life and existence. As I read his words and looked at the policies the country has implemented and the path we have stumbled down here and now his concerns seemed to have become reality. We can all be so much more, we have choices yet we are mired down by short term gratification, materialism, and myths through indoctrination, predominantly subconscious marketing, and deliberate subjugation.

Take a look at the excerpt line by line then consider the current world around you, does the progression look familiar ? All the white noise around our lives are platitudes, or simply fingers pointing at the moon. The support of science on Earth Day was a symbolic and simple step by the people, but a journey begins with the first step, I hope we can put one foot in front of the other and walk if not run, we must realign our thinking into actions that preserve a humane and sustainable  future for us and our children. We will not find a future in the past we must each take some responsibility for changing the direction of this downward spiral by becoming better informed critical thinkers, activist, and voters , we need to adapt to a changing world if we have the potential to do so before it is too late.